GIESSE CAPS, founded in 1974, specialises in in-house production and marketing of items made of thermoplastic materials.

We manufacture plastic caps, stoppers, guards, threaded caps, flanged caps, rubber caps and coverings in general, for companies in the hydraulic, mechanical, industrial paint and plant industries, as well as wide range of other industries.

Our products are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are designed to close, protect and/or cover semi-finished products or goods that are required to undergo additional processing, storage, handling, painting and shipping. Components of this type are classified as consumables, and as such, broadly speaking, they are generally managed at sub-contract level.

Our sales office will be happy to respond to all your requests and queries about protective components and coverings for products and goods, offering the ideal solution from our range of items in thermoplastic materials.

We supply high quality technical items, we guarantee excellent service and competitive prices.

GIESSE CAPS offers a wide range of technical articles, including:

  • Rubber caps, plastic caps, threaded caps, caps for high temperature applications, finned caps
  • Guards for holes and flanges
  • Hoods, plastic protective components and covers, flanged caps
  • Threaded guards and sealing rings
  • Wing screws, handles and knobs in pvc, and manoeuvring elements
  • Anti-vibration dampers, suction feet, buffer feet, parabolic feet
  • Plastic bushings, lubricating bushings
  • Rubber bellows, rubber balls and balls with inserts, rubber items